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Red Flags

The following could be signs of a trafficked victim.



Avoids eye contact, talking, and other social interaction.


Is not allowed to speak for themselves and defers to another person (usually older male or "boyfriend") to speak.


Evidence of physical abuse, such as bruises or wounds in various stages of healing.


Shows signs of malnourishment, dehydration, extreme fatigue, and/or lack of medical care.  


Does not have the freedom to come and go as they please from where they live - evidence of unreasonable security measures.


Demeanor is fearful, tense, anxious, nervous, and submissive, especially around law enforcement or those in positions of authority.


Has tattoos of currency symbols, pimp's name, crown & initials, gang symbols, or bar code, etc. 


Inappropriately dressed for their age (provocative clothing, heavy makeup, expensive jewelry, etc.)



Not truthful about age or has false ID.



Not in control of their own identification and travel documents.



Has numerous inconsistencies in the information he/she shares.


Lives at workplace with employer or several other people in small confined area.


Works long hours and is paid little or nothing at all for the work performed.



Is just "visiting" and can't say where he/she is staying.



Appears to have few or no personal possessions.

If you suspect human trafficking, CALL 911

for HELP or to report a tip:

National Human Trafficking Hotline



Text HELP to BEFREE (233733)

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